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The Bancroft Bros are fortunate to have the lovely Brittney Lee, character/ concept designer at Disney Feature Animation, on the show!  Brittney talks about her love of character creation, what got her into Disney animation when she was young, and her - wait - is she crying again?  Find out what the fuss is about in another great BBros podcast! 

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The Bancroft Bros find out how to go from inbetweener on “Hercules” to show creator of a popular Disney TV series - all in this interview with the amazing Sam Levine, creator of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero.

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Welcome to the Kubo and the Two Twins discussion with director and Laika CEO Travis Knight!  Travis opens up about the massive amount of work and family connections involved in making Laika’s EPIC stop motion masterpiece, “Kubo and the Two Strings”.   Sit tight and enjoy this podcast - one frame at a time!

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What’s it like to be one of the top character designers at Disney Feature Animation on films like Tangled, Wreck it Ralph and more?  Tony takes it solo for a trip to Korea and the chance to sit with character designer Jin Kim at his new animation studio.  Find out how he got to Disney, why he left and what he’s doing now!

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Were you one of the millions of kids that grew up watching “The Proud Family” TV series on the Disney Channel in the 90s?  If so, you’re in for a great show with series creator Bruce Smith.  Find out why Robin Williams called him “the Animator” and why the animation world looks up to Bruce Smith! 

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Animation Podcast #50- Anniversary Episode with guest host Shane Sowell   

The Bancroft Brothers have a very special 50th podcast celebration with guest co-host and Patreon winner Shane Sowell!  Shane turns things around and interviews the Bancrofts about the show, their careers, and advice for listeners.

The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast is presented by & sponsored by Stuart Ng Books!

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The Bancroft Brothers explore the new documentary Life, Animated, the heartwarming story of how a family used Disney animated films as a basis to communicate with their child who was silenced by autism at an early age.  The Bancroft Brothers are honored to have star Owen Suskind and Pulitzer Prize winner Ron Suskind on this episode.

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In a surprise visit to the Pixar Animation Studio, the Bancroft twins get the chance to discuss the early days of Pixar and all things Finding Dory with director Andrew Stanton - live from Pixar! 

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Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast #47 - Hash it Out 2 - Dream Status

Once again, Tom and Tony “hash it out” by revisiting a previous topic: where are you with your dream? Filled with lots of stories about their early days, their dreams, and, of course, a lot brotherly ribbing, this episode should inspire you to keep chasing your dream - no matter where you are in life!

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Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast #46 - Making The Angry Birds Movie with Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly

The directors of the new Angry Birds film sit down with the Bancroft Twins to talk about taking a hugely popular video game and turning it into a star-studded animated film.  Listen, learn, get excited, and go see this big budget indy film!

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