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In this episode, the Bancrofts have their FIRST female interviee: the lovely Victoria Ying! She explains her influences and process of designing characters for many Disney films including “Tangled” and “Frozen”.  Enjoy the Tom’s blah blah and Tony’s wah wah on this episode of The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast!

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Tom and Tony sit down to talk with their friend: animator Andrew Feliciano.   He discusses his early years of schooling, mentorship, paying his dues, his love of 2D animation, transition into CG animation, and his first job at one of the major animation studios.  For those listeners want to become an animator, this is the podcast for you!


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The Bancroft boys sit down and talk about the importance of making goals in your career. Tony introduces the concept of having a Vision Statement for your life. Then, they start picking on each other like 15-year olds. Lots of fun, name calling, and grand, life-changing concepts are discussed on this episode of The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast!

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Podcast #12- Character Design at Pixar- The Daniel Munoz Lopez interview

If you’ve seen any of the recent Pixar “Art of” books then you know  Daniel López-Muñoz.   He is a master character designer and environmental concept artist that has been at Pixar Animation for about 8 years.  The Bancroft Brothers interview Daniel to dig into the subject of character design and what it takes to bring the heat at one of the best animation studios in the world!

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In this podcast, the Bancroft Bros sit down with the uber hot Disney Head of Story to discuss his back to back hits: “FROZEN” and “Big Hero 6”.  Paul talks about what elements make a good story and some of the challenges he’s faced in his career!

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The Brothers Bancroft discuss the ever-hard subject of finding “balance” in your artistic career.  Family, bills, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, and artistic competition are all discussed.  How do you KEEP being your best with everything/everyone taking your time?   This is a great podcast subject for the New Year!

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Rob Minkoff, co-director of The Lion King, and director of many live action and animated films talks with the Bancroft Boys about the business of making animated films.  Hang on, a bumpy ride is headed your way!

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Podcast #8 – The Glen Keane Interview

This is the BIG ONE!  The Bancroft Brothers are honored to sit down with Glen Keane the legendary creator of Ariel, Beast, Aladdin, and Tarzan among others!   In the 70s, Glen came to Disney animation as the torch was passed from the Nine Old Men - and for the last 40 years he ran with it like no other! We discuss his newest short, "Duet", where he came from, what he's doing now and where he's headed- and even answer some of your questions!  Hold on TIGHT!

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In this episode Los Hermanos Bancroft discuss the art of Pitching your TV and Film concepts to animation studios.  Joining them is the uber talented creator Doug TenNapel.  As the creator of the video game character “Earthworm Jim”, the animated TV show “Catscratch”, the new “VeggieTales in the House” series, and numerous graphic novels - Doug knows the topic well!

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The Bancroft Brothers discuss the ins and outs of being an animator in 2D and in CG. Tom starts by outlining what animation is in its most basic form. Tony adds about the difference between "movement" and "performance" and they both go on to discuss "on the job" examples that were turning points in their animation careers as well as animators that influenced them.

Also, more Q and A from our listeners! But, you really want to stay tuned to the end, where the Bancroft Brothers talk about Tony's experience at an early premiere of Disney's new movie "Big Hero Six" that he attended and his spoiler-free review.

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