The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast
When you think of "Fall and animation" combined, how do you NOT think about "Over the Garden Wall"?!?  In this podcast, Tom and Tony host a podcast with the creator of that fall animated classic, Patrick McHale, hosted LIVE at Lipscomb University!  What's Patrick up to now, will there ever be more OTGW, and who/what are his inspirations will surely be discussed! 
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OH YEAH- we got the director of "A Nightmare Before Christmas" talking with the Bancrofts in HALLOWEEN MONTH!  Better yet, we not only talk about that classic film but also his NEW upcoming Halloween film, co-written and produced with the great Jordan Peele:  "Wendell and Wild" coming from Netflix!  If you love creepy stop motion films (Corpse Bride, Coraline, Frankenweenie, anyone?) then this is the podcast episode for you!   


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The Brothers discuss the pros and cons of online drawing challenges in this episode. (SPOILER ALERT: It's mostly "pros"!) While talking about all of them out there, we realize that Inktober is about to start and we make a challenge and pick a theme for what we will draw, starting now!  Oh, yeah, it's creepy and full of Disney magic! 
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