The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

In this episode, Tom and Tony discuss their thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and its effects on art and animation.  They also dig into their thoughts on the popular Corridor Crew video that they were featured in and the story behind how that video was created.  AI is here to stay, so let's talk about what we need to be thinking about as artists and where things are headed!

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“Moving Pixels” Animators Talk about Animation

Anna Gopin (“Lightyear”, “The Mitchells vs the Machines”), Toniko Pantoja (“The Croods: A New Age”, “Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts”), and Andrew Gordon (“Ron’s Gone Wrong”, “Incredibles 2”, “Finding Dory”)  

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As part of the  Bancroft Bros Oscar 2023 series, we talk to the creators of the first A24 animated film, “Marcel The Shell with Shoes On “. We interview Dean Fleischer Camp (Director of the film) and Kirsten Lepore (Animation Director) and SNL star/actress Jenny Slate (co-creator and voice of Marcel)!  Some amazing Oscar- specific stories are shared that will surprise you about this intimate and beloved film! 

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