The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

The brothers Bancroft discuss Production Design with Pete Oswald of the “Garfield” movie!  Pete is a multitalented animation and children’s book artist with a wealth of knowledge on character design, art direction and production design!  Enjoy!  

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The Rise of Glen Keane!  In this episode, the Brothers Bancroft discuss one of their favorite topics: the legendary animator Glen Keane!  But, they don't discuss the part of his career that is what eveeryone know him from - the The Little Mermaid to the present day- BUT they do a deep dive (okay, more shallow and not researched) in THE EARLY DAYS OF GLEN KEANE!  We talk about the first 4-5 films that he was involved in and how he got noticed at Disney.  This is the MAKING of Glen Keane episode!  You WILL learn something new!  

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