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While the cat is away, the mouse will play! With Tom out of town, Tony goes it alone with long time friend and Character Designer of the OG Kim Possible and Clerks, Stephen Silver! Tony and Stephen have an informal discussion about artistic influences, finding joy in your life and his new job as a artistic recruiter at Walt Disney TV Animation. He has gone from being an artist who showed his portfolio to Disney to now being the one to review portfolios for Disney! And he has a lot to say about how to get a job in today’s animation marketplace. Listen up y’all!

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Genndy Tartakovsky

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Susan Egan

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The Bancroft Brothers go back to the "well" in this follow up to one of our most popular podcast subjects: Telling some stories about when we were at Disney in the 90s to 2000s.  In this episode, Tom finally tells his "Wedding story" that almost ended his marriage before it started and all of it was planned by Tony and the Disney crew!  Stay till the end when the brothers share their favorite Glen Keane moments too!


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The Bancroft Brothers celebrate their 200th episode with special guest, yes, The Little Mermaid herself; Jodi Benson! We dive under the sea to reminisce about the Disney film, all things childcare and Glen Keane (we said it). This one has it all!
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The Bancroft Bros talk with good friend Bobby Chiu about the upcoming LIVE “Lightbox Expo” and how it all started. Bobby is a self-made success story with multiple companies all formed around teaching the next generation of concept artists!  Listen and learn! 



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Ok, let’s get into it: NFT’s! The BBros discuss the controversy that is the NFT marketplace. Is it a great new business option for artists? We speak with Gal Yosef an artist who’s life was dramatically changed 2 years ago all because of his art being sold as NFTs. Yosef breaks down the most important elements to success in NFTs and makes sense of it all for the artist.


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In this Episode, The Bancroft’s talk to old Disney pal and Director of many Disney sequels and projects.  Well, actually he talks and the Bancroft’s listen to one inspiring story after another of beating all the odds to make his dream of working for Disney come true!  

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By popular demand of our five listeners, this episode is part 2 of the two part series, “The Business of Animation!”  In this episode we discuss pricing, job titles, and much more!

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This week the Brothers discuss the Business of Animation in the 1st of a 2 part series. 
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Did you know that the hugely popular Veggietales was the FIRST computer animated series?  In this podcast, hear from Veggitales creator Phil Vischer about how he created his revolutionary series about Christian vegetables, it's rise to success and how he lost it.  Also, some amazing early computer animation history- all in this fun, live episode!

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Academy Award nominated director and co-creators Alberto Mielgo and Leo Sanchez join the Bancroft twins to discuss their “Best Animated Short film”, Windshield Wiper.  It’s a story of passion that lasted 7 years in the making!  Listen to two innovators discuss how they stayed focused inbetween creating Hollywood hit films to create a masterpiece that may go all the way!  

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The Bancroft Brothers will be together again after over 30 years of living apart!  Why is Tony leaving California, the heart of the animation industry, after all these years?  Retirement?  Nope! Listen on and find out his reasons for making this huge decision!

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Guests Carrena Kingdom, Mary Ann Malcom, and Justin Rasch join us for our live panel with Blizzard Entertainment.
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Where do you go if you were a Pixar animator, animated and directed for Tonko House and now produce Academy-nominated short films like last years, Opera and this years VR short Namoo (fingers crossed)? Well, The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast of course! The BBros sit down with the ever creative Erick Oh and talk about his ambitions for storytelling and animation, his new VR short with Baobab Studios and how he spent researching and animating a curious octopus named Hank! Oh, it gets real up in here!

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In this fun episode, the Bancroft Bros talk to the two director’s of Disney’s “Encanto”, Byron Howard and Jared Bush.   Find out how the film evolved from early concepts to the entertaining film that it is!  Watch it on Disney+ or at theaters first! Some minor spoilers ahead!

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