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Welcome to Disney’s Mulan 25th anniversary podcast! This was recorded LIVE  at Lightbox Expo 2023 and includes Armand Serrano (layout artist), Chris Sanders (Head of Story), Tony Bancroft (co-director), and  Tom Bancroft (supervising Animator of Mushu)! At the last minute, Disney legend Floyd Norman (Mulan story artist) showed up and joined us as a surprise guest!  Here some great BTS stories from old people that were much younger 25 years ago!

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The Bancroft Bros Save the Studio System!  What is going on with Hollywood? Layoffs, union strikes, prices are rising, and work is being outsourced!  What happened?  The Bancroft twins sit with their good friend, Director/Producer/ Entertainment expert John Schafer to figure out what's wrong with the studio system and even suggest- a solution?  Yep, we're fixing the big studios in this episode!  Listen and tell us if you agree! 
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Through  a mini miracle, Disney gave us quick access to interview “Once Upon A Studio” directors Trent Correy and Dan Abraham!  We had a ball talking BTS stories of making this short that celebrates 100 years of Disney animation! 

Engage Your Career - The Bancroft Brothers look at the current events in the industry and discuss some of the hot topics. They apply that to how their listeners need to view their careers during hard times. 

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Welcome to an interview with Yashar Kassai, production designer of the new TMNT: Mutant Mayhem film!  Additionally, he was a  production designer on both Spiderverse films and The Murphy’s Vs the Machines! Hear Yashar’s wisdom of the ages about style, the difference between a production designer and an art director, and how AI can be used in the production process- all while Tony and Tom make juvenile swipes about his working on the Emoji movie!  Enjoy! 

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This is a special podcast for the Bancroft Brothers- they talk with old CalArts roommate and former Pixar storyboard artist Jim Capobianco on the eve of the release of his new indy animated feature film release called "The Inventor"!  We dig into all the behind the scenes stories about how it started years ago as a 2D animated short and evolved into a stop motion feature film with celebrity actors like Daisy Ridley! 

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The Bancroft’s interview long- sought after superstar #animation #characterdesigner and The New Yorker cover artist, Peter de Séve !  He influenced all your fav films- from Hunchback to Finding Nemo to Mulan to creating Scrat in Ice Age!  

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Who would have thought a trip to France would end with the Bancroft Bros interviewing Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, the creators of "Phineas and Ferb"?  Yep, when you go to the Annecy Animation film festival, you never know who you'll bump into!  Dan and Swampy were there with Disney TV to promote their new season of Phineas and Ferb and we grabbed them for a juicy interview full of behind the scenes and fun!  Enjoy!

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How to make a career in Anime! - In the most unexpected podcast ever- the Bancroft brothers talk anime!  We got together with anime pro, Jarrett Martin, and American who has started an anime animation studio in Japan!  Jarrett has some amazing information on how YOU could break into the anime animation business right now!  Enjoy!

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Tom and Tony are still yawning from jet lag as they discuss their FIRST time going to the Annecy Animation Film Festival in France!  They talk about all the things they did and the people they saw, and even some mini-reviews of some of the sneak peeks that were screened there!  Lastly, they debate the topic: "What are the PROS and CONS of the Annecy Film Festival?  Should you go? "  Find out in this episode!  

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In a well-timed #FlashbackFriday Bancroft Bros #animation #podcast - we represent our interview with actress @mingna_wen ! Just today, a Variety article dropped that she is the narrator to our own Tom’s live action documentary about 2d animation, as well as earlier this week, she received her own STAR on the @hollywoodwalkoffame !  Listen to the one and only trifecta- a Disney Princess (sort of), a Marvel character and a Star Wars character- Ming Na Wen!! 


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In this RETRO rerelease of classic episodes of the Bancroft Brothers Animation podcast, we go back to one of are biggest "gets", director BRAD BIRD, from Episode #19!  We interviewed him on the cusp of his first live action film, "Tomorrowland"!  Hear the genuine fear he had about how it would be received as well as his love for 2D animation in this amazing podcast! 

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In another Retro BBros Podcast- we go back OVER 200 episodes to another listener favorite: Podcast #25- “Failures, Flubs, Frustrations”.  In this classic, the Bancroft Twins open up about mistakes and failures in their careers and how they grew from them.  Listen again and share with a friend!

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By popular request!  The Bancroft Brothers are opening our archives to some of our most popular and hard to find classic episodes!  Our first “retro” release is Podcast 8- our first Glen Keane interview!  Enjoy hearing us geek out about Glen and his amazing career!

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In this fun episode, the twins take a break from interviews and talk about some of their favorite animated animators, movies, TV shows, all-time artists and “the film that got away”.  Enjoy!  

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In this episode, Tom and Tony discuss their thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and its effects on art and animation.  They also dig into their thoughts on the popular Corridor Crew video that they were featured in and the story behind how that video was created.  AI is here to stay, so let's talk about what we need to be thinking about as artists and where things are headed!

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“Moving Pixels” Animators Talk about Animation

Anna Gopin (“Lightyear”, “The Mitchells vs the Machines”), Toniko Pantoja (“The Croods: A New Age”, “Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts”), and Andrew Gordon (“Ron’s Gone Wrong”, “Incredibles 2”, “Finding Dory”)  

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As part of the  Bancroft Bros Oscar 2023 series, we talk to the creators of the first A24 animated film, “Marcel The Shell with Shoes On “. We interview Dean Fleischer Camp (Director of the film) and Kirsten Lepore (Animation Director) and SNL star/actress Jenny Slate (co-creator and voice of Marcel)!  Some amazing Oscar- specific stories are shared that will surprise you about this intimate and beloved film! 

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Here is our interview with the co-directors and producer of the nominated animated short, The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and the Horse. Based upon the award-winning book by Charley Mackesy and directed by him and co-director Peter Baynton and produced by Cara Speller

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Disney TV show Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur! We interviewed the show’s Producer’s Rodney Clouden and Steve Loter.

In this epic podcast, Tony flies solo as moderator for an amazing panel of Animation Directors that was originally a live event at LightBox Expo 2022!  So few made it into the room that this will be BRAND NEW for our listeners!  Listen as Tony speaks with directors Chris Sanders (Lilo and Stitch), Brenda Chapman (Brave), Chris Williams (The Sea Beast), and Jill Culton (Abominable).  Learn from the best how they craft a story into a blockbuster feature film!  

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"How to Get Your "Geek" idea sold!" - The Bros that Knows take a different path in this interview with Brian Volk-Weiss, the producer of many comedy specials and the well known docu-series "The Toys That Made Us" and "Icons: Unearthed" spotlighting the making of the Simpsons! Find out how Hollywood works behind the scenes with this ICON-ic producer!  

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As 2022 comes to a close, the Bancroft Bros discuss where the animation industry sits and where it seems to be headed in 2023. Listen and let us know what you think lies ahead in 2023! 

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In this EPIC podcast, the Bancroft Bros celebrate Netflix's newest animated film, "Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio" by interviewing, not one, but FOUR team members- the directors, Guillermo Del Toro and Mark Gustafson first, and then Supervising animator Brian Leif Hansen and character fabricator Georgina Hayns!  This is the podcast to listen to BEFORE you watch the BEST Pinocchio film since the OG from the 40s!  Let's do this!  

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The Bros went to Lightbox Expo 2022 and held a LIVE podcast with a standing room-only crowd about the amazing Netflix show “Arcane” !  Co-creator Alex Yee and Executive Producer Melinda Dilger open up about how it all started and tell some BTS stories!   

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Hi Gang! This week’s Podcast for Friday will be our interview with the creators of Netflix’s new limited animated series "Oni: Thunder God’s Tale”. We had the pleasure to interview, via zoom, The co-creator/ Director Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi, the Exec Producer Robert Kondo and the Producer Sara Sampson. It was a short interview becuase of some tech problems and their limited time. The zoom call audio is up on the Dropbox and ready for cutting.There are no sponsors mentioned in our interview so we hope that Preston can add them in. The series has already released a couple weeks ago so this is an “after the release interview”

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When you think of "Fall and animation" combined, how do you NOT think about "Over the Garden Wall"?!?  In this podcast, Tom and Tony host a podcast with the creator of that fall animated classic, Patrick McHale, hosted LIVE at Lipscomb University!  What's Patrick up to now, will there ever be more OTGW, and who/what are his inspirations will surely be discussed! 
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OH YEAH- we got the director of "A Nightmare Before Christmas" talking with the Bancrofts in HALLOWEEN MONTH!  Better yet, we not only talk about that classic film but also his NEW upcoming Halloween film, co-written and produced with the great Jordan Peele:  "Wendell and Wild" coming from Netflix!  If you love creepy stop motion films (Corpse Bride, Coraline, Frankenweenie, anyone?) then this is the podcast episode for you!   


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The Brothers discuss the pros and cons of online drawing challenges in this episode. (SPOILER ALERT: It's mostly "pros"!) While talking about all of them out there, we realize that Inktober is about to start and we make a challenge and pick a theme for what we will draw, starting now!  Oh, yeah, it's creepy and full of Disney magic! 
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The brothers Bancroft dive into what it takes to pitch and show-run an animated series for Dreamworks with this episode! Hulu’s “The Mighty Ones” is starting its 2nd season, and we interview co-creator, Sunil Hall and Exec Producer, Greg Miller about how it started as an idea to final series and the path it took along the way!

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"How To Start a Virtual Animation Studio" - In this special edition of the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, Tony interviews Tom about his recently launched animation company: Pencilish Studios.  In this discussion, Tom opens up about why he started the company at the start of a worldwide pandemic, what's different now from when the major studios were launching back in the 40s, and what new ways of funding there are for launching your dream company!

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The Bancroft Bros finally talk anime!  More specifically,  they talk about the profound influence that Hayao Miyazaki - and Studio Ghibli- had on us and the Disney studios in the 90s!  

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While the cat is away, the mouse will play! With Tom out of town, Tony goes it alone with long time friend and Character Designer of the OG Kim Possible and Clerks, Stephen Silver! Tony and Stephen have an informal discussion about artistic influences, finding joy in your life and his new job as a artistic recruiter at Walt Disney TV Animation. He has gone from being an artist who showed his portfolio to Disney to now being the one to review portfolios for Disney! And he has a lot to say about how to get a job in today’s animation marketplace. Listen up y’all!

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Genndy Tartakovsky

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Susan Egan

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The Bancroft Brothers go back to the "well" in this follow up to one of our most popular podcast subjects: Telling some stories about when we were at Disney in the 90s to 2000s.  In this episode, Tom finally tells his "Wedding story" that almost ended his marriage before it started and all of it was planned by Tony and the Disney crew!  Stay till the end when the brothers share their favorite Glen Keane moments too!


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The Bancroft Brothers celebrate their 200th episode with special guest, yes, The Little Mermaid herself; Jodi Benson! We dive under the sea to reminisce about the Disney film, all things childcare and Glen Keane (we said it). This one has it all!
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The Bancroft Bros talk with good friend Bobby Chiu about the upcoming LIVE “Lightbox Expo” and how it all started. Bobby is a self-made success story with multiple companies all formed around teaching the next generation of concept artists!  Listen and learn! 



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Ok, let’s get into it: NFT’s! The BBros discuss the controversy that is the NFT marketplace. Is it a great new business option for artists? We speak with Gal Yosef an artist who’s life was dramatically changed 2 years ago all because of his art being sold as NFTs. Yosef breaks down the most important elements to success in NFTs and makes sense of it all for the artist.


To find out more about our NFT charity project with Ultiverse:
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In this Episode, The Bancroft’s talk to old Disney pal and Director of many Disney sequels and projects.  Well, actually he talks and the Bancroft’s listen to one inspiring story after another of beating all the odds to make his dream of working for Disney come true!  

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By popular demand of our five listeners, this episode is part 2 of the two part series, “The Business of Animation!”  In this episode we discuss pricing, job titles, and much more!

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This week the Brothers discuss the Business of Animation in the 1st of a 2 part series. 
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Did you know that the hugely popular Veggietales was the FIRST computer animated series?  In this podcast, hear from Veggitales creator Phil Vischer about how he created his revolutionary series about Christian vegetables, it's rise to success and how he lost it.  Also, some amazing early computer animation history- all in this fun, live episode!

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Academy Award nominated director and co-creators Alberto Mielgo and Leo Sanchez join the Bancroft twins to discuss their “Best Animated Short film”, Windshield Wiper.  It’s a story of passion that lasted 7 years in the making!  Listen to two innovators discuss how they stayed focused inbetween creating Hollywood hit films to create a masterpiece that may go all the way!  

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The Bancroft Brothers will be together again after over 30 years of living apart!  Why is Tony leaving California, the heart of the animation industry, after all these years?  Retirement?  Nope! Listen on and find out his reasons for making this huge decision!

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Guests Carrena Kingdom, Mary Ann Malcom, and Justin Rasch join us for our live panel with Blizzard Entertainment.
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Where do you go if you were a Pixar animator, animated and directed for Tonko House and now produce Academy-nominated short films like last years, Opera and this years VR short Namoo (fingers crossed)? Well, The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast of course! The BBros sit down with the ever creative Erick Oh and talk about his ambitions for storytelling and animation, his new VR short with Baobab Studios and how he spent researching and animating a curious octopus named Hank! Oh, it gets real up in here!

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In this fun episode, the Bancroft Bros talk to the two director’s of Disney’s “Encanto”, Byron Howard and Jared Bush.   Find out how the film evolved from early concepts to the entertaining film that it is!  Watch it on Disney+ or at theaters first! Some minor spoilers ahead!

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The Bancroft Brothers sit down to discuss the new HULU "Animaniacs" series with the Supervising Character Designer Genevieve Tsai and Animation director Scott O'Brien! It was a fun talk about all things geeky 2d Animation, retaining the look of the original 90s hit series, and where things might be headed next for these two amazing creators! 


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Animation pro, Scott Wiser joins the Bancroft Bros (well, Just Tom this time) to discuss creating story pitches to sell to Hollywood.  Scott discusses the challenge he took on to create a library of pitches in a short time and how he then took them out to potential investors and studios.

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When you have the legendary Chris Sanders-the director and creator of “Lilo and Stitch”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, “The Croods” and many more- on your podcast- what do you ask him?  If you’re Tom and Tony Bancroft, you dig deep and get behind the scenes info on all of these historic films! Listen to this one, you won’t regret it! 

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Tom and Tony have another great talk with animation auteur Jorge Gutierrez (Book of Life) but this time he is joined by his talented wife and muse Sandra Equihua!  Enjoy this inspiring talk as they discuss their new epic series on Netflix: “Maya and the Three”!

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In this episode the brothers hear the fascinating path of learning and mentorship that Aliki Theofilopoulos has taken from animation at Disney to a producer on Dreamworks, new “Doug Unplugged” series! 

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The Bancroft's get the chance to talk with legendary animation producer Imogen “Mo” Sutton. We talk about her work with her late husband, Academy Award winner Richard Williams!  There’s a new edition of their book “The Animators Survival Kit”- and it’s a must have! 

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Inspired by a story about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's start, Tony jumps into how we got our start into the animation industry.  Besides rugged good looks, we quickly discover that "Drive" is something we share with those superstars.   This podcast is about what drives an artist to have a life-long passion for what they do.  Do you have the drive that will get you through the tough times?  Will your career be "Gone Girl" or will it be more like "Jersey Girl"...Will it be “The Departed" or will it be Jason "Re-Bourne"?

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In this episode, sans- Tom, It’s Tony vs. the Forces of Fun as he interviews the wonderful and witty creator of Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Daron Nefcy! lWe examine what it takes to create a show that is very personal to you like Star is to Nefcy. The show is one part Anime, one part crazy princess fantasy and all parts butt-kickery- just like our guest. Bonus: For the true Star fans, listen as we discuss possible futures for your favorite blond princess of butt-kickery. What?


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Supervising on Space Jam: A New Legacy - Tom and Tony are honored to sit down with #animation industry legend Devin Crane as he tells stories of his start in animation working with Disney legends while still a teen, working on Iron Giant while still a student at CalArts and becoming the first Production Designer and Animation Director “hyphenate” EVER on Space Jam:A New Legacy! 
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In Part 4 of our “Animation Revolution” series the brothers Bancroft speak with Spire Animation co-founders Brad Lewis and P.J. Gunsagar.  Find out how a Pixar vet teamed up with a tech entrepreneur to create the next big thing in Indy animation studios! 

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In part 3 of our “Animation Revolution”, Tony and Tom discuss where the independent industry is headed, the opportunities that students now have WHILE they learn and Tom discusses how, after all these years, he’s ready to get animation vets to join him and start Pencilish Animation Studios to create the next 2D animation shows with our fans!

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In part 2 in our "Animation Revolution" series where the "Twin Bros who knows" explore new trends in the industry and how it is evolving into a more independent and international industry- they interview Fraser MacLean, 2D animation vet, author, and international animation instructor.  They discuss how doors are opening for young animation creators all over the world and there may now be more than one pathway into the industry!  Take notes, young creators, this one's for you!

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Animation Revolution Part 1- in this series, the twins dive into where things are going for the animation industry right now.  Not the major studios, but the independent movement that is starting to make waves.  In this episode, they interview Tara Billinger and Zach Bellissimo, the duo behind the YouTube pilot "Long Gone Gulch". We dive deep on how they funded their show through Kickstarter, worked on it with top industry vets for 5 years, and released it to YouTube with huge raves!  Now what?  The pitching time and investment raising just begins!  Hear first hand how new directions are being forged for creators to DIY YOUR OWN animated series! 

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Tom and Tony hit the geek jackpot with this episode! Not only do they speak with Academy and Emmy award winning Producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller but also their director Mike Rianda about their new Netflix animated feature, The Mitchells vs. The Machines. Lord, Miller and Rianda all share stories of the making of this hilarious new family film and their process of developing a high profile project with a renegade art-school philosophy. It can be done! Watch the movie and listen to the podcast for the full affect. Spoilers abound- you’ve been warned!


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The Flower 2D animated short - the twins talk with their old Disney friend Andrew Simmons about the old days of the Disney Florida studio and Andrew’s 20-year-in-the-making short 2D film “The Flower”. Learn about this unofficial Disney film that you’ve never heard about!


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Master animator Kristof Serrand speaks to the Bancroft Brothers about the state of European animation and anecdotes of Dreamwork's Prince of Egypt.


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In this episode the Bancroft Brothers go LIVE with a virtual audience as they sit down with the wonderful Tara Whitaker and Latoya Raveneau to discuss their roles as directors on the upcoming show The Proud Family: Louder & Prouder, coming soon to Disney +, as well as their journey to becoming the successful artists they are today.
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In this podcast the animation twins have a lively conversation with their old CalArts buddy and Head of Story at Disney, Mark Kennedy.  Mark talks about having a dream, having it derailed and discovering a new dream at Disney- then moving up to the top of the animation career ladder!


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The Bancroft brothers interview their good friend Mike Nawrocki, the co-creator of “Veggietales” and voice of #LarrytheCucumber !  Mike talks about how the Veggies were created, its unexpected success, how he came up with the voice and about his new #book and #animated series “The Dead Sea Squirrels” !
#veggietales #podcast #larryboy #thedeadseasquirrels


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In a strange turn of events the twins realize they can interview two amazing artists at once and also have a Couples Therapy session. Erika Schnellert and Nicholas Kole are a married couple but also talented storyboard and illustration artists, respectively.  Tune in to discover the fun and hazards of artists coupling! 


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In this special episode, Tom and Tony talk to Pete Docter! Pete is the #Director the films Monsters Inc, UP, Inside Out and the newest: SOUL!  Also, he is the new CCO of @pixar ! This one has it all: a version of UP you won’t recognize, Pete picks his fav Bancroft Bro, and we dig deep on the story behind #Soul! Spoilers ahead but you don’t want to miss this one!  


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Imagine working hard at your craft, getting to the best studio in the world, working on some of the best films of the decade and then deciding to quit to make a radical life pivot. Why would you do that?  Both brothers did- and in this podcast they tell their stories.  


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The Bancroft Brothers zoom-call all the way to Kilkenny, Ireland to interview WolfWalkers co-directors Ross Stewart and Tomm Moore. Their studio, Cartoon Saloon is one of the most exciting independent animation studios producing some of the most personal and artistically challenging films since Walt made Fantasia. Yes, I said it! As Stewart and Moore are set to release their 4th hand-made film, WolfWalkers, world-wide on Apple+ and select theaters, we talk about their inspirations of Irish Folklore, Mighty Mouse and Flipper the Dolphin in this raucous conversation. 


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In this episode, the Bancroft Twins are thankful (post Thanksgiving) to have spoken with the extremely talented artist Max Ulichney.  This podcast quickly became three artist having fun and doing "art geek" deep dives and artist name drops.  Max is the creator of the Max Packs brushes for Procreate while also doing freelance illustration and character design for many major companies.  Find out what drives Max to always be creatin' in this fun episode- we'll call it Part 1 with more to come with Max!

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After over 160 podcasts the Bancroft twins finally sit down to ask those questions our listeners have been dying to hear the answers to about their portfolios!  So they started at the top- meet Robin Linn, Manager at Netflix Animation for Outreach & Engagement: Art! This is the one you’ve been waiting for!


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Sit down with the Bancroft Brother's and Character Designer Brittany Myers as they discuss her journey as an artist and how she became the phenomenal designer that she is today.

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In our third interview with the legendary Disney animator Glen Keane, the Bancroft Bros get him to open up about directing the Netflix film “Over The Moon”!  Listen and be inspired by the eternally humble and talented Mr. Glen Keane!


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A BONUS episode LIVE from Lightbox Expo!  Tom and Tony discuss the Future of 2D Animation with legendary artists Tomm Moore (co-founder of Cartoon Saloon known for their award winning films Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, The Breadwinner, and their newest film Wolfwalkers), Tracy Butler (2D and 3D artist who created the webcomic Lackadaisy) and Sandro Cluezo (animator on Anastasia, Fantasia 2000, Emperor's New Groove,The Princess and the Frog, etc.)  Discover the history of 2D animation in the early 2000's, where it is in the present and headed in the future!

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What do Crunchyroll, Anime,  and the rise of #womeninanimation have in common? Marge Dean! In this #podcast we discuss her huge #animation career, her involvement with the organization Women In Animation and being Head Of Production for Crunchyroll originals! 


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Rise Up Animation Interview! Animator twins Tom and Tony interview the three founders of the POC promoting “Rise Up Animation”: Bobby Pontillas, Frank Abney, and Trent Correy!  In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, these three industry giants jumped into action and organized professionals to review portfolios and help people of color “rise up” the latter in the animation industry. Recorded live as part of Icon Manila weekend.
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The Bancroft Brothers Podcast #158- A "Mulan" RE-do Reunion" with director of the OG "Mulan" Barry Cook and song composer Matthew Wilder.  The brother's come back to the film they loved working on the most at Disney, "Mulan" to discuss behind the scenes events and stories from the original film and (spoiler free) discussion of their excitement for the new live action film premiering now on Disney+!  Listen up!- Fun stories and true love for Disney's best non-princess are here! 


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The Bancroft Brothers do a “Back to School 2020” episode!  How should animation students approach the strangest semester of their lives?  We give you a list - and it gets heated at times!

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In 2004 The Walt Disney company decided to shut the doors to its second animation 
studio in 50 years- the Disney Feature Animation Florida studio. In this episode Tom 
and Tony talk with old friends and former Disney Florida alumni Aaron Blaise and Jim 
Jackson about what made that studio so special and how it quickly became the hidden 
jewel in Disney’s artistic arsenal.


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Learn about the fantastically, impossible, unbelievable story of the animated film “Animal Crackers” with producer/writer/co- director Scott Sava and our own Tony Bancroft (co- director) in this episode!  How do you make an animated film outside the Hollywood system?  Not easily and not without a roller coaster ride!  Listen and learn!

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In this episode, the Bancroft Brothers speak with legendary animator and character
designer Dan Haskett! They talk about his stellar career and Dan addresses his
thoughts on the #BlackLivesMatter movement and how much we still need to see its
effects in animation!

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In this episode the twins answer the question- once and for all- that they get more than
any other: “How do I get into Disney?” Find out what it takes to win the gold medal of
animation: a job at Disney!

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In this episode the Bancroft twins speak with Disney storyboard artist Donna Lee! Find out what it’s like to help shape the stories that will define the childhoods of a generation!

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It’s the big 1-5-0 episode of the podcast and the Bancroft brothers are Hashing IT Out - they tell some of their favorite Disney Animation stories!  Favorite celebrity they’ve met? Hardest scene to animate? Hidden Disney images in the films? Find out in this episode! 

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In this special episode, the Bancroft bros talk to fellow twin animation artists Sergio and Edgar Martins- both of whom worked on Netflix’ fantastic “Klaus” animated feature film! What’s it like being twin artists? Twin to twin we compare notes.


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In this episode the brothers interview the talented character designer behind the hit Netflix film “KLAUS” – Torsten Schrank! Find out how to stay fresh when you have to design- literally- hundreds of characters for a feature film and what his day to day was like on KLAUS.


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Join the Bancroft Brothers as they get to know Kris Pearn, the creative genius behind the “Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs” films as well as the new Netflix original film “The Willoughbys “!  Kris talks about the things he’s learned along the way that make him the perfect director for this unique new film!


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In this episode, Los Hermanos Bancroft speak with some old Disney friends – Director/ animator Aaron Blaise and Concept artist/ Art Director Armand Serrano – about working from home as an artist. Find out how our new world is making things challenging but also providing opportunities that didn’t exist before!

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In this episode, twin animators Tom and Tony Hash It Out over how the Covid-19 virus is starting to affect the animation world. Also- They share some positive news, discuss how hard it is to draw Bugs Bunny and Tony lectures Tom again.  

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In this episode, the Bancroft’s speak with author and animation historian Mindy Johnson about her book “The Women of Ink and Paint” as well as how things have changed and evolved for women in Animation through the years. Enjoy!

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This episode the Bancroft's enjoy a conversation with their good friend, Disney and Warner Brothers Animation artist Rubén Procopio!  Rubén is a multi-talented artist that sculpted the final maquettes for films like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, was the head of clean up in the Florida Disney studio, is a comic book artist and- well, you name it- he's done it!  Even more fascinating, find out how the Procopio family are Disney legacy!


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For this episode, The Bancroft Brothers discuss the newly released Netflix stop motion film, “A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon” with its two directors Richard Phelan & Will Becher. Straight from England, Will and Richard discuss working at the world famous Aardman Animations on a huge international property as it leaps from TV to feature films! 

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In this podcast, pre-recorded LIVE from CTN Animation Expo 2019,  Los Hermanos Bancroft interview two prominent social networking artists: Laura Brouwers, known as “Cyarine” online with 1.5 Mill followers and Asia Ladowska aka “ladowska” with over a million followers. They deep dive into how they became known online and ways to use social networking to make a living as an artist!  Learn from these pros some ways you can improve your presence online! 


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In this episode Tom and Tony dive into the subject of “tradigital” Animation and how it may be the answer to how 2D animation comes back to the big screen!  This one is for all of you that want to know what the good 2d animation apps are and how to build a virtual animation studio!  Enjoy!

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In another CTN Expo “Breakfast with the Bancrofts”, the twins dine with character designer Bret Bean. He discusses the life of a freelancer and the do’s and don’ts that will help you get a job! Enjoy!

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In this exciting episode the Bancroft Brothers have a one in one talk during CTN Expo 2019 with Sergio Pablos, the Creator and director of Netflix’s “Klaus”! You don’t want to miss this one!

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