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The twins are crazy busy this week so we dive back to the archives for a Flashback Friday episode with Disney Legend Floyd Norman!  Hear him recount stories of meeting Walt Disney himself and being one of the first black Disney artists back in the 60s!  Enjoy!
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The long awaited “AI discussion” episode is here!  The Bancroft’s talk all things artificial intelligence and animation with special effects guru and YouTuber Niko Pueringer of the Corridor Crew channel!  They discuss the ins and outs of the issues behind the technology that is potentially changing the animation industry. Is there a way to use it as a tool, is there a hopeful future living in the new AI world, or are we all doomed?  Let’s start the discussion! 

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Today we go back in time to rediscover Mitchels VS the Machines. the brothers interview Mike Rianda (director), Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Producers). If you missed it the first time around, you won't want to miss this. 

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Many of our listeners are experiencing hard times or will be sometime soon. We brought in former Pixar intern Meridian Gray Culpepper, storyboard artist and YouTuber.  Meridian had created a popular video about “Surviving a Layoff in the Animation Industry”.  Let’s get into it! 

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Tony and Tom recorded LIVE from Dublin, Ireland on the state of the Irish animation industry!  You've heard of @cartoonsaloon and the amazing feature films being made at that studio, but the Brothers dig deeper, into the wealth of production studios in Dublin, Kelkinney and further out that are making many of your favorite TV series and films!  We spotlight three Irish animation industry pros: Claire Finn, Managing Director, Lighthouse studios, Paul O'Flanagan, Creative Director, Boulder Media, and Eimhim (Evan) MacNamara, Owner, Matchbox Mountain studio.  Grab a chair and join us for a pint of animation knowledge!  

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Tom and Tony get together to answer YOUR questions about the animation industry in this fun, casual episode!  There's a lot of stress and layoffs in the industry right now and we want to talk it through with our listeners!  Also, the Bancroft Bros are going to Ireland next week so they put out a call to do a meet up in Dublin!  Come one, come all!  

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In a heartfelt episode, Tom and Tony talk to their Disney animation mentor, Mark Henn, who has retired from Disney Feature Animation after 43 years of service!  Hear Disney stories from the legendary creator of classic characters like Jasmine, Young Simba, Mulan, Tatiana and more!  

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