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Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast 34 - "The Jerry Maguire Moment"

In a follow up to the popular "Failures" podcast, the Bancroft Brother's discuss those moments in your life where you make a life changing decision- often times right after you've taken  a fall. 

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Bancroft Brothers discuss the “End of 2D Animation”.  Is it dead or just sleeping?  What brought its slumber on?  Will it come back?  They invite Disney animator, Nik Ranieri, one of the last 2D animators to be laid off from Disney, to discuss some of the behind the scenes of the silent death of 2D Animation!

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Podcast #32 - Brian Kesinger Interview  

Tom and Tony sit down to gab with the very busy Brian Kesinger, Disney Story artist, Marvel comic book artist, internet art god and all around nice guy.  We interrupt his dinner during overtime on “Zootopia” to talk about how he handles it all.

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Podcast #32- Bringing Back 2D Animation with Don Bluth and Gary Goldman

In this Bancroft Brothers Animation podcast, the twins talk with animation legends Don Bluth and Gary Goldman about their exciting new Kickstarter to make a "Dragon’s Lair" Movie!  Can crowd-funding “Dragon” them back into animation? 

Find out more and back this great project!  Help bring back traditional 2D animation!

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Bancroft Brothers Podcast #31- The 9 Old Men and Andreas Deja

In this Special episode, the B Boys talk with legendary Disney Animator Andreas Deja about his new book about “The 9 Old Men” of Disney Animation yesteryear.  Find out why he was passionate about making this book, what drove the 9 Old Men, and any animator worth their muster should know who they are!

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The brothers Bancroft have the honor of hosting Story Artist and Director of “Prince of Egypt” and “Brave”, Brenda Chapman.  Tom and Tony get her to tell great stories of working on early versions of Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid, her legacy with women in animation, and where she’s headed now.

Brenda Chapman is the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.  She is a writer, animation story artist and director. In 1998, she became the first woman to direct an animated feature from a major studio, DreamWorks Animation's The Prince of Egypt. She co-directed the Disney·Pixar film Brave, becoming the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

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Podcast #29 - Claire Keane Interview -  The Bancroft Bros sit down with the lovely Claire Keane to pick her brain about family, her career at Disney in Visual Development, and leaving Disney to write and illustrate her own children’s books.  Good times ahead in this episode! 

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Claire Keane is an illustrator and visual-development artist who worked for many years at Walt Disney Animation Studios. While there, she designed on movies such as Tangled, Enchanted, and Frozen. She studied at the Ecole Superieure D’Arts Graphiques in Paris, where she met her husband and part-time collaborator, Vincent Rogozyk. Claire is the daughter of legendary animator Glen Keane and granddaughter of Bil Keane, creator of the comic strip “The Family Circus”.


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Podcast #28 - Getting a JOB as an Animator

In this informative podcast, the Bancroft Brothers sit down with long time friend and 2D animator turned CG animator, Ted Ty, to discuss how you actually get a job as an animator these days.

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The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast #27 - The Sergio Pablos Interview - Making Animation at Large and Small Studios.   Some have hailed Sergio Pablos as the savior of 2D animation with his new film “Klaus”.  The Bancroft Brothers dig deep to find out more about Sergio and his goals and passions.


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The Los Hermanos Bancrofts talk to the lovely and talented Terryl Whitlatch about designing creatures for the Star Wars films, her pal “George”, her childhood love of biology and archeology, and all the book projects she has dropping.
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Failures, Flubs and Frustrations - Dealing with the down times in your art career.  In this episode of the animation podcast, The Bancroft Brothers talk about the thing most of us don’t want to talk about: Our Failures.  This episode is all about things we can do to recover from those times when things don’t go as planned in our careers - because it will happen - and often.
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In this special episode Tom and Tony Bancroft review the animated films of 2015 - the ones that have already come out and those that are still on the way!  Plus, they get into name calling over their split feelings about “Inside Out” and the upcoming “Peanuts” film!

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The animator twins hit San Diego Comic Con!  In this episode, Tom and Tony surprise a bunch of top comic book, animation, and illustration artists with 3 questions.  Wisdom, humor, and name-dropping abound!

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If you think of great traditional animation created over the last decade, you will no doubt be thinking of at least one character animated by Disney Animator Andreas Deja!  Tom and Tony get Andreas to open up about animation approaches, character development and his exciting new personal project - the animated short “Mushka”!

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The Bancroft Brothers wrangled another coup by getting the chance to interview Pixar director Pete Docter about his newest film, “Inside Out”.  In this interview you’ll hear all about the ups and downs of making a Pixar animated film by the guy that brought you Monster’s Inc. and UP!

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Tom and Tony get a rare chance to sit and talk with Disney Animation Legend Eric Goldberg, creator of the Genie in Aladdin and co-director of Pocahontas.  Eric talks about his training with Richard Williams and the masters of Warner Bros. animation and how his 2D animation skills are still being used at Disney today.

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Podcast #19 - Brad Bird Interview - From Tomorrowland and Back

T and T are honored to have a last-minute interview with live action and animation director Brad Bird, on the cusp of the release of his new Disney film “Tomorrowland”.  Brad talks about his amazing career in animation, his transition into live action films with Cruise, Spielberg, Clooney, and his dream of directing 2D animation again!

Whaaaaat?  Listen and be amazed!

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Tom and Tony talk with great concept artist and art director Armand Serrano, who is possibly the nicest guy in animation!  Armand talks about his early days as a Layout artist in 2D feature films, transitioning to CG concept artwork, freelance juggling, and working for the Major Animation studios from home.

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The Bancroft Brothers welcome talented illustrator/ character designer/ story artist Ovi Nedelcu to the show to discuss his drive and passion at creating his after-hours dream projects in comic books and children’s books.  Great topics like career and life balance, why dream projects are important, the economics of children’s book illustration, and if you need an agent are all discussed in this informative episode.

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The Bancroft Brothers sit down and talk about the early days of Disney Feature Animation, the Nine Old Men, and what it was like being at the studio in the 60s with Disney LEGEND Floyd Norman.  The entertaining and lovable Mr. Fun unloads a wealth of animation history and behind the scenes Disney stories on this episode!

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In this episode, the Bancrofts have their FIRST female interviee: the lovely Victoria Ying! She explains her influences and process of designing characters for many Disney films including “Tangled” and “Frozen”.  Enjoy the Tom’s blah blah and Tony’s wah wah on this episode of The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast!

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Tom and Tony sit down to talk with their friend: animator Andrew Feliciano.   He discusses his early years of schooling, mentorship, paying his dues, his love of 2D animation, transition into CG animation, and his first job at one of the major animation studios.  For those listeners want to become an animator, this is the podcast for you!


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The Bancroft boys sit down and talk about the importance of making goals in your career. Tony introduces the concept of having a Vision Statement for your life. Then, they start picking on each other like 15-year olds. Lots of fun, name calling, and grand, life-changing concepts are discussed on this episode of The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast!

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Podcast #12- Character Design at Pixar- The Daniel Munoz Lopez interview

If you’ve seen any of the recent Pixar “Art of” books then you know  Daniel López-Muñoz.   He is a master character designer and environmental concept artist that has been at Pixar Animation for about 8 years.  The Bancroft Brothers interview Daniel to dig into the subject of character design and what it takes to bring the heat at one of the best animation studios in the world!

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In this podcast, the Bancroft Bros sit down with the uber hot Disney Head of Story to discuss his back to back hits: “FROZEN” and “Big Hero 6”.  Paul talks about what elements make a good story and some of the challenges he’s faced in his career!

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We are an art book store focusing solely in the areas of Illustration, Animation, and Comic Art. 

Stuart Ng Books carries a distinctive selection of sketchbooks by animators and comic book artists. Hard to find outside of conventions, they acquire their sketchbooks directly from the artists and ship them worldwide.

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The Brothers Bancroft discuss the ever-hard subject of finding “balance” in your artistic career.  Family, bills, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, and artistic competition are all discussed.  How do you KEEP being your best with everything/everyone taking your time?   This is a great podcast subject for the New Year!

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