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The Bancroft Brothers discuss the ins and outs of being an animator in 2D and in CG. Tom starts by outlining what animation is in its most basic form. Tony adds about the difference between "movement" and "performance" and they both go on to discuss "on the job" examples that were turning points in their animation careers as well as animators that influenced them.

Also, more Q and A from our listeners! But, you really want to stay tuned to the end, where the Bancroft Brothers talk about Tony's experience at an early premiere of Disney's new movie "Big Hero Six" that he attended and his spoiler-free review.

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Tom and Tony get real with the uniquely talented Travis Knight, head animator AND CEO of Laika Animation Studios!   They said no one could create a thriving, independent animation studio creating Stop Motion animation outside of Hollywood- but former rapper and male model Travis Knight isn’t just ANYONE.   With their just released third film, “The Boxtrolls” , an instant hit already, the Deuce Bancroft Bros find out how they do that magic they do.  

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