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In this episode, the Bancrofts speak with Olan Rogers, indy series creator of "Final Space" as well as the new short, "Godspeed"!  Olan has a lot to say about the pitfalls and joys of making your dream TV project in the studio system of Hollywood.  From being one of the OG Youtubers, to a showrunner/creator, having a clothing line, to owning an ice cream shop- Olan has done it all- simultaneously!  Listen and learn!  

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Tom and Tony have a great discussion about the innovative new animated series, "Wingfeather Saga" with Keith Lango (Head of CG Animation) and Garrett Taylor (Art Director).  AND WE MEAN INNOVATIVE: The whole project is crowd funded to the tune of $5M, they are using Unreal Engine for instantaneous rendering, it has 2D sets and CG characters with painterly textures, it's based on a popular book series, and it's all being created by a small team in NASHVILLE, Tennessee?  This podcast has it all!  

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Welcome to Disney’s Mulan 25th anniversary podcast! This was recorded LIVE  at Lightbox Expo 2023 and includes Armand Serrano (layout artist), Chris Sanders (Head of Story), Tony Bancroft (co-director), and  Tom Bancroft (supervising Animator of Mushu)! At the last minute, Disney legend Floyd Norman (Mulan story artist) showed up and joined us as a surprise guest!  Here some great BTS stories from old people that were much younger 25 years ago!

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