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Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast #56 - The Joe Moshier Interview 

It’s a funky fly fresh podcast when the B-Boys talk character design with the amazing Joe Moshier.  DJ Joe spins some truths about designing characters for Disney and Dreamworks - including finally answering the question: who designed Kronk!    

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The Bancroft Bros are fortunate to have the lovely Brittney Lee, character/ concept designer at Disney Feature Animation, on the show!  Brittney talks about her love of character creation, what got her into Disney animation when she was young, and her - wait - is she crying again?  Find out what the fuss is about in another great BBros podcast! 

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The Bancroft Bros find out how to go from inbetweener on “Hercules” to show creator of a popular Disney TV series - all in this interview with the amazing Sam Levine, creator of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero.

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