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In this episode, sans- Tom, It’s Tony vs. the Forces of Fun as he interviews the wonderful and witty creator of Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Daron Nefcy! lWe examine what it takes to create a show that is very personal to you like Star is to Nefcy. The show is one part Anime, one part crazy princess fantasy and all parts butt-kickery- just like our guest. Bonus: For the true Star fans, listen as we discuss possible futures for your favorite blond princess of butt-kickery. What?


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Supervising on Space Jam: A New Legacy - Tom and Tony are honored to sit down with #animation industry legend Devin Crane as he tells stories of his start in animation working with Disney legends while still a teen, working on Iron Giant while still a student at CalArts and becoming the first Production Designer and Animation Director “hyphenate” EVER on Space Jam:A New Legacy! 
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