The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

The Bancroft Brothers explore the new documentary Life, Animated, the heartwarming story of how a family used Disney animated films as a basis to communicate with their child who was silenced by autism at an early age.  The Bancroft Brothers are honored to have star Owen Suskind and Pulitzer Prize winner Ron Suskind on this episode.

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In a surprise visit to the Pixar Animation Studio, the Bancroft twins get the chance to discuss the early days of Pixar and all things Finding Dory with director Andrew Stanton - live from Pixar! 

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Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast #47 - Hash it Out 2 - Dream Status

Once again, Tom and Tony “hash it out” by revisiting a previous topic: where are you with your dream? Filled with lots of stories about their early days, their dreams, and, of course, a lot brotherly ribbing, this episode should inspire you to keep chasing your dream - no matter where you are in life!

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