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The Bancroft Brothers sit down to discuss the new HULU "Animaniacs" series with the Supervising Character Designer Genevieve Tsai and Animation director Scott O'Brien! It was a fun talk about all things geeky 2d Animation, retaining the look of the original 90s hit series, and where things might be headed next for these two amazing creators! 


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Animation pro, Scott Wiser joins the Bancroft Bros (well, Just Tom this time) to discuss creating story pitches to sell to Hollywood.  Scott discusses the challenge he took on to create a library of pitches in a short time and how he then took them out to potential investors and studios.

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When you have the legendary Chris Sanders-the director and creator of “Lilo and Stitch”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, “The Croods” and many more- on your podcast- what do you ask him?  If you’re Tom and Tony Bancroft, you dig deep and get behind the scenes info on all of these historic films! Listen to this one, you won’t regret it! 

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Tom and Tony have another great talk with animation auteur Jorge Gutierrez (Book of Life) but this time he is joined by his talented wife and muse Sandra Equihua!  Enjoy this inspiring talk as they discuss their new epic series on Netflix: “Maya and the Three”!

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In this episode the brothers hear the fascinating path of learning and mentorship that Aliki Theofilopoulos has taken from animation at Disney to a producer on Dreamworks, new “Doug Unplugged” series! 

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The Bancroft's get the chance to talk with legendary animation producer Imogen “Mo” Sutton. We talk about her work with her late husband, Academy Award winner Richard Williams!  There’s a new edition of their book “The Animators Survival Kit”- and it’s a must have! 

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Inspired by a story about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's start, Tony jumps into how we got our start into the animation industry.  Besides rugged good looks, we quickly discover that "Drive" is something we share with those superstars.   This podcast is about what drives an artist to have a life-long passion for what they do.  Do you have the drive that will get you through the tough times?  Will your career be "Gone Girl" or will it be more like "Jersey Girl"...Will it be “The Departed" or will it be Jason "Re-Bourne"?

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In this episode, sans- Tom, It’s Tony vs. the Forces of Fun as he interviews the wonderful and witty creator of Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Daron Nefcy! lWe examine what it takes to create a show that is very personal to you like Star is to Nefcy. The show is one part Anime, one part crazy princess fantasy and all parts butt-kickery- just like our guest. Bonus: For the true Star fans, listen as we discuss possible futures for your favorite blond princess of butt-kickery. What?


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Supervising on Space Jam: A New Legacy - Tom and Tony are honored to sit down with #animation industry legend Devin Crane as he tells stories of his start in animation working with Disney legends while still a teen, working on Iron Giant while still a student at CalArts and becoming the first Production Designer and Animation Director “hyphenate” EVER on Space Jam:A New Legacy! 
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In Part 4 of our “Animation Revolution” series the brothers Bancroft speak with Spire Animation co-founders Brad Lewis and P.J. Gunsagar.  Find out how a Pixar vet teamed up with a tech entrepreneur to create the next big thing in Indy animation studios! 

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In part 3 of our “Animation Revolution”, Tony and Tom discuss where the independent industry is headed, the opportunities that students now have WHILE they learn and Tom discusses how, after all these years, he’s ready to get animation vets to join him and start Pencilish Animation Studios to create the next 2D animation shows with our fans!

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In part 2 in our "Animation Revolution" series where the "Twin Bros who knows" explore new trends in the industry and how it is evolving into a more independent and international industry- they interview Fraser MacLean, 2D animation vet, author, and international animation instructor.  They discuss how doors are opening for young animation creators all over the world and there may now be more than one pathway into the industry!  Take notes, young creators, this one's for you!

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Animation Revolution Part 1- in this series, the twins dive into where things are going for the animation industry right now.  Not the major studios, but the independent movement that is starting to make waves.  In this episode, they interview Tara Billinger and Zach Bellissimo, the duo behind the YouTube pilot "Long Gone Gulch". We dive deep on how they funded their show through Kickstarter, worked on it with top industry vets for 5 years, and released it to YouTube with huge raves!  Now what?  The pitching time and investment raising just begins!  Hear first hand how new directions are being forged for creators to DIY YOUR OWN animated series! 

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Tom and Tony hit the geek jackpot with this episode! Not only do they speak with Academy and Emmy award winning Producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller but also their director Mike Rianda about their new Netflix animated feature, The Mitchells vs. The Machines. Lord, Miller and Rianda all share stories of the making of this hilarious new family film and their process of developing a high profile project with a renegade art-school philosophy. It can be done! Watch the movie and listen to the podcast for the full affect. Spoilers abound- you’ve been warned!


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The Flower 2D animated short - the twins talk with their old Disney friend Andrew Simmons about the old days of the Disney Florida studio and Andrew’s 20-year-in-the-making short 2D film “The Flower”. Learn about this unofficial Disney film that you’ve never heard about!


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Master animator Kristof Serrand speaks to the Bancroft Brothers about the state of European animation and anecdotes of Dreamwork's Prince of Egypt.


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In this episode the Bancroft Brothers go LIVE with a virtual audience as they sit down with the wonderful Tara Whitaker and Latoya Raveneau to discuss their roles as directors on the upcoming show The Proud Family: Louder & Prouder, coming soon to Disney +, as well as their journey to becoming the successful artists they are today.
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In this podcast the animation twins have a lively conversation with their old CalArts buddy and Head of Story at Disney, Mark Kennedy.  Mark talks about having a dream, having it derailed and discovering a new dream at Disney- then moving up to the top of the animation career ladder!


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The Bancroft brothers interview their good friend Mike Nawrocki, the co-creator of “Veggietales” and voice of #LarrytheCucumber !  Mike talks about how the Veggies were created, its unexpected success, how he came up with the voice and about his new #book and #animated series “The Dead Sea Squirrels” !
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In a strange turn of events the twins realize they can interview two amazing artists at once and also have a Couples Therapy session. Erika Schnellert and Nicholas Kole are a married couple but also talented storyboard and illustration artists, respectively.  Tune in to discover the fun and hazards of artists coupling! 


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In this special episode, Tom and Tony talk to Pete Docter! Pete is the #Director the films Monsters Inc, UP, Inside Out and the newest: SOUL!  Also, he is the new CCO of @pixar ! This one has it all: a version of UP you won’t recognize, Pete picks his fav Bancroft Bro, and we dig deep on the story behind #Soul! Spoilers ahead but you don’t want to miss this one!  


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Imagine working hard at your craft, getting to the best studio in the world, working on some of the best films of the decade and then deciding to quit to make a radical life pivot. Why would you do that?  Both brothers did- and in this podcast they tell their stories.  


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